I’ve spent the last 15 years working in the auto industry and have seen countless OEM remote key fobs pile up only to sit in a drawer or even worse, get discarded. I’ve been able to help dealerships, auto auctions, and rental car companies cash out on these unneeded remotes reducing waste while increasing revenue.


  1. Why let remotes sit in a drawer? Cash them out today!

  2. We buy from dealerships, auto auctions, rental car companies, and other outlets throughout the U.S.A.

  3. We come to you and pay on the spot!

  4. Call or text now for your hassle free cash quote!


Q: Are there risks in selling my old remote?

A: No. Old remotes are randomly sold to various vendors all over the world and would be nearly impossible to trace back to it’s origins.

Q: What happens to my old remote?

A: Your old remote will be wiped clear of all previous programming and professionally reprogrammed for it’s new vehicle.

A: All factory OEM remote key fobs are considered for all vehicle makes and models.

Q: How are payments issued?

A: Payment can be issued in cash, Zelle Quick Pay, PayPal, or any major credit card if your business needs records of payment.

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